Quadratic Form Equation Solver


How to Solve a Quadratic Equation has the 2 solutions: Sample Problem: Solve Quadratic Form Equation via Factoring What are the zeros of \( 2x^2+5x-3 \) ?It means solving the quadratic form equation \(2x^2+5x-3=0 \) .The fast way to solve the quadratic equation is by factoring which means to rewrite\( 2x^2+5x-3\) as \(2(x+p)*(x+q)\)Testing \(p=-3 \) … Read more

Quadratic Form Calculator


How to Solve using the Quadratic Formula has the 2 solutions: Sample Problem: Solve Quadratic Forms via Factoring To solve a quadratic form equation like \(2x^2+5x-3=0 \) we can either factor it or use the quadratic formula.Let’s try factoring first: we write \( 2x^2+5x-3\) as \(2(x+p)*(x+q)\)Testing \(p=-3 \) and \(q=.5 \) yields indeed \( 2x^2+5x-3 … Read more

The 3 Parabola Forms: Standard Form, Vertex Form and Factored Form.


What are the 3 different Parabola Forms? Parabolas are the Graphs of Quadratic Equations. There are 3 different forms of Quadratic Equations: Standard Form: Vertex Form: . (h,k) = Vertex Coordinates. Factored Form: . r and s = Zeros of the Parabola. What are Examples of the 3 different Parabola forms? Standard Form: can be … Read more